Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HBO Ready to Proselytize Islam to Millions in America

Do you have HBO? Are you one of the 28.2 million viewers who receive their program through cable TV or satellite service? If so, then I hope you are ready to welcome Islam into your home with open arms.

Set to premier today on HBO, a new film entitled Koran By Heart will follow three young Muslim men as they compete in Cairo, Egypt to win a competition composed of reciting the entire heart. (Hence the name) The competition is said to attract hundreds of Muslims from all over the world who are able to recite the entire 600 page Koran by heart.

There is a catch though...this TV show is more than just about televising a contest. Per director Greg Barker, who has made numerous documentaries for HBO and PBS, the project is a means for exploring and learning more about Islam, so to better understand it. “I think that what we’re living through — this era of fundamentalism and Jihadi extremism — all comes out of this struggle within the faith itself,” said Barker. “I really wanted to get beneath the surface of the competition and the kids’ stories to try to get into that. I had a feeling it would be through the stories of their education.”

Barker would go on to later say in an interview, that if your a non-Muslim, you really don't have the grounds to criticize it. (Sure doesn't stop anyone from criticizing Christianity does it?) He says that calling Islam a "violent religion" gets nobody anywhere, and that you could say the same thing about all religions. Personally, I take issue with that because how often does a Baptist Church deacon commit terror in the name of Jesus Christ? "Banning Islam around the world isn't going to happen" says Barker. "The better approach is to try to understand it. And by understanding it, I think that one realizes that there’s more nuance than is often portrayed. And that’s what I try to get at in this film." Barker goes on to explain that he really wants to show how much of a struggle it is that Muslim families face in America and even abroad.

The islamization of America is happening every day. From major cities, to small towns, it's here. Sadly most people choose to write it off, and ignore it, not even considered the threat it is to their personal safety, much less their personal freedom. HBO is known to show filth on TV, and this is no exception. I'm sure the prospect of being able to reach 28.2 million homes with the message of Islam is an enlightening one for HBO becausee people will watch...and people, much like sheep, are followers, unless they know better. Most people who drone out in front of stations like HBO however, are just that...followers. Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing. You'd better have a tight grasp on your country, because if not, it'll be gone faster than you can blink...and you better believe the Islamization is an alarming rate.

You can read more about this story, and the film by following THIS link.

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  1. HBO loves to pander to the Liberal Media ... I won't be watching it.