Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HBO Ready to Proselytize Islam to Millions in America

Do you have HBO? Are you one of the 28.2 million viewers who receive their program through cable TV or satellite service? If so, then I hope you are ready to welcome Islam into your home with open arms.

Set to premier today on HBO, a new film entitled Koran By Heart will follow three young Muslim men as they compete in Cairo, Egypt to win a competition composed of reciting the entire heart. (Hence the name) The competition is said to attract hundreds of Muslims from all over the world who are able to recite the entire 600 page Koran by heart.

There is a catch though...this TV show is more than just about televising a contest. Per director Greg Barker, who has made numerous documentaries for HBO and PBS, the project is a means for exploring and learning more about Islam, so to better understand it. “I think that what we’re living through — this era of fundamentalism and Jihadi extremism — all comes out of this struggle within the faith itself,” said Barker. “I really wanted to get beneath the surface of the competition and the kids’ stories to try to get into that. I had a feeling it would be through the stories of their education.”

Barker would go on to later say in an interview, that if your a non-Muslim, you really don't have the grounds to criticize it. (Sure doesn't stop anyone from criticizing Christianity does it?) He says that calling Islam a "violent religion" gets nobody anywhere, and that you could say the same thing about all religions. Personally, I take issue with that because how often does a Baptist Church deacon commit terror in the name of Jesus Christ? "Banning Islam around the world isn't going to happen" says Barker. "The better approach is to try to understand it. And by understanding it, I think that one realizes that there’s more nuance than is often portrayed. And that’s what I try to get at in this film." Barker goes on to explain that he really wants to show how much of a struggle it is that Muslim families face in America and even abroad.

The islamization of America is happening every day. From major cities, to small towns, it's here. Sadly most people choose to write it off, and ignore it, not even considered the threat it is to their personal safety, much less their personal freedom. HBO is known to show filth on TV, and this is no exception. I'm sure the prospect of being able to reach 28.2 million homes with the message of Islam is an enlightening one for HBO becausee people will watch...and people, much like sheep, are followers, unless they know better. Most people who drone out in front of stations like HBO however, are just that...followers. Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing. You'd better have a tight grasp on your country, because if not, it'll be gone faster than you can blink...and you better believe the Islamization is an alarming rate.

You can read more about this story, and the film by following THIS link.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Islamization of America Comes Home

Still not convinced of Islamization of America? Last Sunday, July 31, I found myself flipping through the Sunday paper. I came across the comics section, and having not read the comics in quite a while, I decided I’d stop for a minute or two and check out. There were some that I remember growing up with, and some that were quite new to me. I flipped over to the back page, wondering if they still printed the Mini Page on the back of the comics section for kids. The Mini-Page, is a whole page dedicated to children. It usually contains educational things, and presents them in a way to make it fun for children to learn. There might be 2 or 3 articles on a topic, along with a word search, some knock-knock jokes, and a hidden picture game, all geared around that weeks “topic.” What I saw last week, when I turned to the Mini Page, appalled me.

[Keep in mind this is a page for children]

The weeks topic, shockingly enough, was Islam. My curiosity sucked me in. The very first article, in big bold letters, stated: Celebrate a Muslim Holiday! WHAT?? Surely my eyes were deceiving themselves. Surely to goodness, the Mini-Page was not encouraging young children to take an active part in celebrating a Muslim Holiday…but alas, it was. Ramadan to be more specific. The article went on to explain how to celebrate the holiday, and explain how children could take part. The other articles on the page weren’t any better. There was an article in the middle of the page, explaining Islam, and what it was. (Leaving out key details as I’m sure you’re aware) There was also an article at the bottom that was entirely about the Muslim Holiday of Ramadan. I noticed the word search, and the hidden picture search, all centered around the practice of Islam.

I’d venture to say that very few parents “police” the Comics section of the Sunday Paper before giving to little Jimmy or little Susie to enjoy. Hec, it almost got past me. Now, what do you think would happen had the Mini-Page would have been plastered with images of Jesus, and encouragement to children to celebrate a Christian holiday? The people in charge of the page would be tarred and feathered no doubt. However since the printing, I’ve heard little, if no complaints, or concerns, at least here on a local level in Knoxville, Tennessee. This stuff is being slipped into the minds of our children, and we are none the wiser…after all, how many parents ask their children what they learned in the comic section? I’d venture to say none of them. It’s no surprise that our children are growing up with a twisted view of a “peaceful”

Islamic religion. Folks, this is happening right under our noses. You know, I’d almost expect to hear something like this coming out of the public school system, but when it’s printed in the Comics section of the Sunday paper, and when it’s specifically geared to smaller children, I’m angered.

It seems that everyone wants a stop put to anything considered even remotely “Christian”, however Islam gets a free pass. Things like Islam, when taught in a classroom as part of history, is one thing, but when it’s hidden in the back of the Comics section, so only our children will see it, and when it blatantly comes out and encourages them to celebrate Ramadan and experience Islam, it’s dead wrong, and just another example of how America is being brainwashed with Islam right under our noses. If we don’t do something to stop it now, it’ll be too late and we’ll wonder what happened.

Wake up folks. This is your America too…

Friday, July 8, 2011

Freedom of Speech being trampled in America

If you are still a skeptic and think that your 1st amendment freedom of speech is safe in America...think again. Quartzsite, Arizona will prove you wrong, and ad yet another instance of proof that our rights as Americans are being trampled on while we sit in a trance engrossed in our favorite sitcom. Wake up America...if you don't think this is serious, you are gravely mistaken. We can't just sit by any longer. If we do, the America you and I know will be gone before we know it, and we won't have even noticed till it's too late. Folks, our constitutional rights as Americans are being stripped from us on a daily basis...are you paying attention? Do you want to continue to excersise your right to free speech? What about worship? If you don't stand up and fight for your rights, you'll find yourself censored and your freedoms as Americans will be gone, and you'll have nobody to blame but yourself.

It's time to take a stand...rather than tell you about this instance, I'll show you. Watch this video clip of a city councel meeting in Quartzside, Arizona and see for yourself, as a citizen is arrested and removed from the meeting for exercising her freedom of speech. Take note that the council, and the police ignore the instructions of the Mayor telling them they are in direct violation of the law for interfering with the women. You tell me who's corrupt...the people, or the government. If you aren't spitting nails at the blatant violation of rights, then you need to do some soul searching. This is happening in YOUR  country. WAKE UP...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Obama Blames Slow Economic Recovery on...ATMs?

Obama deserves a "talk timeout" for this one.

While doing an interview with NBC news, Obama suggested that innovation and those [horrible job-stealing] ATMs, were a big part of why the employment rate was still in decline instead of rebounding as he had hoped.

Oh really? Yea...I'm sure thats the problem.

Sign of the Apocolypse? No...just San Francisco just being San Fransicko

Once again leading the charge in all things ridiculous and insane, San Francisco has proposed a bill that would include a ban on owning pets. Wait till you hear which pets...

Goldfish, Kittens, Puppies and Hampsters. All proposed to be banned as pets in San Fran.

The San Francisco Animal Control and Welfare Commission is attempting to take away the pets in an attempt to discourage "impulse buys" of animals from pet stores. Huh? Welfare commission Philip Gerrie explained that "the proposed ban is meant to discourage impulse buys of pets that sometimes end up in shelters."

Oh...I see now. Or not...

The [attempted] ban is nothing new...the commission proposed the ban last August, and again in January, but both times it was tabled. This time it looks like its going to actually come to a vote.

Gerrie went on to explain that goldfish, guppies and other tropical fish were not originally included in the proposed ban, but had been added to the current proposal because of what he called the “inhumane suffering of fish” and the way the fish are harvested.

Are you laughing yet?

Of course, the ban has local pet store owners up in a tizzy...and I can't say I blame them.  Ocean Aquarium owner Justin Hau, said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle that “The city is taking more and more control...they are very stupid.” A blunt statement, but a true one.

Gerrie says that’s the response he expected to get from upset pet store owners. “They have a very strong interest to say it’s stupid,” he said in an interview with Fox News Radio. “That’s the basic thing with human beings. We exploit everything in the world until it’s exhausted.” Gerrie went on to accuse the “human” species of exploiting the environment – and the fish. word yet on Gerrie's opinion of how the "human" species exploits governmental power...another example of of San Francisco just being San Fransicko.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To the Obama's, it's all about Star Power

So what happens when you are the wife of the POTUS, and you don't feel like you are getting as much "star treatment" as he is? Well, you do the only natural  thing you can think ask to be on a television show! How lame, and ultimately indulgent.

President Obama will go down in history as one of the most vain, celebrity hungry presidents in history (with more TV appearances than any other president), and as it seems, his wife is more than happy to follow suite. His hunger for super stardom has rubbed off and I'm sure the family is thrilled.

News broke today, that Michelle Obama literally asked to be a guest star on one of Nickelodeon's number one shows, iCarly. Now, this is under the guise that she will be on the show to promote her "Joining Forces" initiative, but I believe without a shadow of a doubt, there are more beneficial places to hawk this initiative than on a children's show.

The "Joining Forces" initiative is pretty much a  "support the troops" program where Michelle Obama, and Joe Bidens wife go around to drum up support for the troops, and their families...a great program, but more of a political "look what I'm doing" program than anything else.

In an effort to raise awareness and build support for troops overseas, you'd think she would seek a bigger platform than a Nickelodeon show and it's tween audience. I think this has more to do with the Obama's endless efforts to get on Television shows and build their already inflated egos. That coupled with the fact that iCarly happens to be Obama's daughters favorite show. Hmm...underlying motive? Either way, it's indulgent to ask to go on a TV show rather than be asked. I would think there would be better outlets to promote this cause...

You be the judge...legit attempt to spread support for the "Joining Forces" initiative, or the indulgent move of a proven fame addict to further bolster an ego (and maybe get a few autographs for the kids)?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vile Kanye West the Epitome of Whats Wrong With America

For those of you who want to know whats wrong in America, or why our kids are so screwed up these days, look no further than hip-hop singer Kanye West.

West is now under fire (and rightly so) for stepping outside the boundaries of decency with his new music video called "Monster." Whats so bad about it? Well, the apparently anticipated video is stock full of graphic content and just plain sickening imagery. The video which was released this week features other artists such as Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Jay-Z.

In the video, Minaj plays a psychotic dominatrix, and pink-wigged Barbie. At the same time, Ross finds himself surrounded by mostly naked, dead, white women hanging from nooses, all while he nonchalantly puffs away on a cigar. Jay-Z is then the next person to jump in the mix as he throws in a rap segment while standing next to a couch with the naked, lifeless body of a woman. Then comes the man freak himself, Kanye West, in all his glory, singing his so called music, all while being groped by multiple women. This leads to his eventual migration to a bedroom where he climbs into the sack with two white female corpses and proceeds to rearrange their lifeless limbs to better accommodate him.

Sick? Ya think? This literally is the epitome of what is wrong in this country. These are singers that our kids look up reality, this should be a huge turnoff, but for the young impressionable minds of those to who look up to these so called singers, it just serves as a notion saying this kind of sickening behavior is ok. Well,'s not. This is by far one of the sickest things I've ever seen, and it just goes to show that the hip-hop genre has become the roach infested basement of the music industry. Hip-Hop and Rap for that matter has a bad reputation for not only exploiting women, but for promoting and legitimatizing violence against women. What Kanye is doing here, is just cementing where he stands in the middle of it all. It does nothing but show his true colors, and gives us a glance into whats really in his sick mind. Violence against women is a problem in this country, and as long as "artists" like Kanye West is legitimizing the act, he (and anyone else promoting it) should be treated as an accessory to the crime. It's vile, it's sick and it's proof of the kind of trash that has infiltrated this country and is infiltrating the minds of American youths.
Of course, Kanye West defends his vile  production calling it "art." "It wasn't meant to's art people." Yea, I guess, if art includes women in nooses, blood everywhere, violent and foul language and lyrics, and dismembered body parts. One article I read regarding the video pointed out how it just gives us a "peek into his mind, heart and soul, which as it turns out is a dark, disgusting and horrid place where women are victimized and their bodies treated as props for the "Monsters" singing." I couldn't have stated it better.

I personally find it offensive that Kanye would call this trash art. To me, it's just an excuse to demean women. Art is just an excuse to allow him to let the vile trash in his head out for all to see with no objections. Well I object...what Monet, Van Gough and Divinci produced was art...and is nowhere near some hip-hop trashbag making a music video with bloodied and dead women draped all over the place. It's a way for him to live out his sick, vile and parasitic fantasies and get away with it. One critic pointed out that calling this video "art" gives it more dignity than it deserves. I wholeheartedly agree.

Fact of the matter is, Kanye West is a piece of trash. A parasite and a maggot who is undermining the foundations of society and getting away with it. It makes me sick to see someone like him, who is exalted and hailed as a "superstar" while people who actually give something positive back to society are all but ignored. This guy, no matter if he thinks so or not, is a role model for young people. Rather than use his pedestal to influence kids in a positive manner, he's chosen to advocate violence and sick subject matter.

I've no respect (not that I had any to begin with) for this piece of trash, or anyone who supports his music. If you're a Kanye fan, and you wanna get ticked off at me, go ahead, but by your support for this maggot, you are doing nothing but saying it's're part of the need to be part of the solution. Do something with your life...find a role model who makes a positive impact on society and someone who gives as much back as they take. Don't turn into the same kind of parasite that he has. If your a Kanye fan, and this doesn't just make you sick, something is wrong with you. You should be throwing every one of his albums in the trash and not giving a penny more for anything with his sick name attached to it...otherwise, you're just as bad as he is...and I don't care if that statement angers you. I really don't, because when it comes down to it, you're the one buying this trash and supporting him. If it weren't for people buying this trash and listening to it, he wouldn't be making it.

Oh...and don't think I haven't noticed the racism that is rampant in this video. Kanye has proudly shown in the past that he is anti-white and this video is no different. How do you think the media and general public (not to mention the African American population) would react if this was a white singer filming a video of naked black women hanging from nooses? Just a's black on white racism and it's alive and well in America thanks to dirtbags like Kanye West. People like him thrive off it. Sick piece of trash.

Listen people...get your heads out of the sand. Pay attention to what your kids are watching. No matter if it's this trash, or kids on MTV running around having rampant sex with as many people as possible, it's influencing your kids, and not for the better. We should all be ashamed that we've all let this crap into our country, our homes and our heads.

Naked bloodied women hanging from nooses, violent imagery, dismemberment, vile language and you know who's influencing your kids? this the kind of lifestyle you support? I hope not.